Saturday, August 15, 2009


Alaska--mammoth and majestic mountains, unlimited clear water, dense gnarly forests, ancient glaciers.
This is a place of power and serenity, fragility and eternity. Dichotomy is everywhere. There is a silence so intense minus the ambient noises of cities and suburbs and yet raucous with the sounds of the earth trembling with unseen chasms, the glaciers shuddering, cracking and breaking; water gushing, crashing and burbling; forests alive with wind and animal sounds.
I’ve illustrated these contrasts with durable substrates, flexible encaustic medium and fragile hand made papers also positioning color against the lack of it and dark against light like the land which huddles in the dark of winter and explodes with light in summer.

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Anonymous said...

Yvonne, Great blog. My computer guru loves your work. I will join the bog society soon. Love, Carile